Shrimp & Salmon Sushi

Shrimp & Salmon Sushi

One of the most exotic things I tried when I moved to Europe was Sushi (it’s still hard to find in India .. or at least it was when I left)

So one of the things on my bucket list for this year was to start making some sushi 🙂

This was my first attempt.


The recipe:

  • Boil some sushi rice till it’s well done
  • Drain all the excess water and let it cool till it’s lukewarm
  • In a pan, add a spoon of vinegar to the boiled rice and stir it till the rice is cool and sticky
  • On a bamboo carpet covered with plastic or a thick paper covered with plastic, lay a sushi wrap
  • With a wet hand (to avoid rice sticking to your hand) take a handful of rice and arrange it on the sushi wrap, to approximately lay a grain of rice think layer on the entire surface leaving about one centimeter on the bottom.
  • Lay a thin layer or Salmon or Tuna across the center
  • Pressing the center of this arrangement, gently fold the whole arrangement to make a roll
  • Remove the roll and cut it in even proportions
  • Serve with some Soya sauce and Wasabi


(For the shrimp Sushi, just press a small ball of rice over the back of slit shrimp)



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