Spicy Chicken & Egg curry with Spring Onions

Spicy Chicken & Egg curry with Spring Onions


Now a days I have been experimenting a lot more with curries. Maybe I am trying to build up my tolerance for spicy food again 😉 (I always keep on telling my friends that when I returned to India for the first time after staying in Italy, I was cried after eating something spicy because I couldn’t handle the spice anymore :'()

In this experiment I have used half the things lying around in my fridge 😉


The recipe:

  • Heat some oil in a deep pan
  • Add some mustard seeds and let them pop
  • Add a paste of onions, lots of garlic and ginger
  • Saute for 1o min
  • Add diced potatoes and chopped onions
  • Add turmeric, little sugar, black pepper powder, garam masala, coriander powder and asefoetida powder
  • Mix and continue sauting for another 5 min
  • Add Chicken drumsticks, chopped tomatoes and mushrooms
  • Add a cup of water
  • Cover and heat on a low flame for 20 min
  • Uncover and mix everything
  • Add salt to taste
  • Add boiled eggs and fried fenugreek
  • Heat for another 10 min
  • Add chopped spring onions, mix well and heat for another 5 min



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