• Cremoso Risotto
Cremoso Risotto
  • Cremoso Risotto

Few weeks back one of my Italian friends made me an awesome Italian dinner and this happened to be the main dish.

I totally loved it and brought a big block of cheese just for it. But since I was busy moving to a new place, I didn’t find the time to make it.

But since now it’s the holiday season … 🙂

The recipe:

  • Heat some olive oil in a pan
  • Add chopped garlic and onions
  • Saute till golden brown
  • Add mixed herbs and pepper
  • Add chopped mushrooms and saute for another 5 min
  • Add pre soaked rice and condensed milk
  • Add salt to taste
  • Add small blocks of cheese (I used elementary cheese)
  • Heat for about 5 min
  • Add some water
  • Continue heating and stiring till the rice is done
  • Garnish with some Rucola leaves and Cherry Tomatoes



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