• Taiwanese spicy meat Noodle soup
Taiwanese spicy meat Noodle soup
  • Taiwanese spicy meat Noodle soup

Last week I visited Taiwan for the first time. It was also the first time I was in a far east Asian country. I usually don’t plan much before i travel somewhere, so had no clue what kind of food to expect.

… and I was surprised! They have such an amazing variety of awesome food! 😀

I was literally eating something every hour 😛

So now that I am back .. I have decided to “try” recreating some of the things I liked over there. (At least before I start modifying them 😉 )

Beef noodle soup is one of the most popular dishes there .. so here goes:

  • The soup
    • Saute some onions chopped into big pieces
    • Add Szechaun peppe, red chillies, Star Anise, garlic and ginger
    • Saute for about 10 min
    • Move every thing to a pot
    • Add chopped pieces of meat (lamb or beef)
    • Add rice wine vinegar and sesame oil
    • Add some dark and light soy sauce
    • Add large cut pieces of onions, tomatoes and spring onions
    • Add meat broth and water
    • Boil on a slow flame for 4-5 hours (* yes you read it right 🙂 .. this takes a long long time 😐 .. the wait was killing me)
    • When the soup is done (*meat is super tender) …
    • Blanch some Pok choy and cook some noodles
    • Arrange the noodles in a bowl
    • Arrange the meat pieces along with pok choy and some of the cooked vegetables
    • Filter some soup over the arrangement
    • Serve with pickled vegetables


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