• Salmonic island of Auberginen
Salmonic island of Auberginen
  • Salmonic island of Auberginen

In the last 1 and half years .. I believe I haven’t come up with something really new.

Most of my experiments in this period were fusion of inspirational .. based on my friends or the cities I lived in.

So this time I tried to break that pattern 🙂

The recipe:

  • Stir fry slices of eggplants (about 1 cm thick) on both sides till soft and slightly brown
  • Keep them aside
  • Saute some diced umbrella mushrooms and keep them aside
  • Stir fry some salmon .. which was previously coated in a mixture of flour, chilly powder, turmeric and salt
  • Stir fry it till it golden brown
  • Arrange the egg plants in the center with the salmon on top .. surrounded with the stir fried umbrella mushrooms and some split cherry tomatoes
  • Garnish with some Oyster sauce

Voila! 🙂


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